Manifesting Wellness Planner


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90 Day Wellness Planner that teaches you ways to detox your life, raise your vibration and become a master at manifesting!

Includes the following:

       50 ways to Detox your Life and Raise your Vibration

       Powerful Manifesting Mantras

       Crystals and Essential oils for Manifesting

       Nutrition and High-Vibe Super Foods

       How to Manifest with the Moon

       Additional Wellness Tips

       3 Monthly Calendar Pages

       90 Undated Planner Pages

       100 Journal pages

Each page allows you to create and track:

       Intention and Mantra of the day

       DEtox, DEclutter, DEstress

       Daily tasks, priorities, goals, schedule

       Daily Gratitude and Acts of Kindness

       How did you nourish your body?

           Plan Healthy Meals

           Supplements / Water Tracker

           Fitness and/or yoga routine

7"x9" HardCover

Gold wire-O spiral-bound.

Made in the USA.

Ships immediately, expect 3-5 business days for delivery.


Manifesting Ritual Kit


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Includes the following items to detox, destress, raise your vibration and MANIFEST!

  • Sage, Palo Santo and/or Sacred Smudge Candle
  • Selenite Wand
  • Raw Rose Quartz
  • Raw Citrine Crystal
  • Copper Tongue Scraper
  • Dry Body Brush
  • Organic, Seasonal Tea Blend
  • Descriptions of each item, How to Manifest with the Moon Phases and my top tips to Detox your life and raise your vibration.

*Comes wrapped in luxurious velvet. I'd love for this to become a quarterly "Manifesting Wellness" subscription box and include more seasonally, curated items such as, organic skincare!


1 Month of Coaching Special!

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1 call per week + unlimited email support: 

Step  by step, I will inspire and guide you towards living a life you love. You will receive wellness tools, worksheets and  coaching to detox your life and raise your vibration by ways of:

  • recognizing what doesn't serve you anymore
  • self love / self care and finding your passions
  • simple nutrition and dietary changes
  • custom supplement regimen
  • custom fitness and yoga sequences
  • manifesting mantras and mudras
  • how to use the moon cycle to your advantage
  • how to create inspired action steps


Seasonal Wellness Program

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14 days filled with ways to "detox your life and raise your vibration to achieve your dreams!" We will not only be eating clean (and GENTLY detoxing), but de-cluttering and de-stressing. When your body, mind and LIFE are clear and you're vibing high is when you can start to manifest the things you want!

  • Seasonal Regimen, recipes, grocery lists
  • Recommended yoga & fitness routines, along with other self care and ways to raise your vibration
  • Unlimited email support & coaching

My Wellness Mission

Your support and contributions will enable me to serve more people by opening a wellness center! 

It will feature an organic cafe and spa, a fitness and yoga studio and a wellness boutique. 

We will have cutting edge, holistic therapies and a wellness FOUNDATION to help those in need.

 My experience in these industries combined with my passion for health and healing are a sure remedy for success. Thank YOU for your love and support!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card