I get it...

You're frustrated, you feel STUCK, stagnant in life and sometimes even hopeless. There's so much inside you to give to this world but you're not quite sure how to tap into it or make it happen - you might not even be sure what that looks like. Believe me, I have BEEN there!

I've suffered with everything from anxiety, depression, fatigue, severe hormonal imbalances, breathing issues, digestion issues, you name it! And when you don't FEEL good, it's hard to accomplish or sometimes even THINK about making goals.


Imagine this...

You're consistently doing things each day to raise your vibration, you look and FEEL amazing. You start attracting and manifesting your dream job or clients, your dream partner or your dream home -- things are finally starting to fall into place!


Now let's make it happen!

After almost 20 years of working in the world of wellness and achieving things I once never thought possible - I have come up with signature programs to help YOU do the same!

I will walk you through powerful ways to DETOX YOUR LIFE, RAISE YOUR VIBRATION & ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.



Wellness Coaching

Step by step, I will inspire and guide you towards living a life you love. Working with me, you will receive wellness tools, worksheets and coaching to detox your life and raise your vibration by ways of:

  • recognizing what doesn't serve you anymore
  • self love / self care and finding your passions
  • simple nutrition and dietary changes
  • custom supplement regimen
  • custom fitness and yoga sequences
  • powerful manifestation techniques
  • planning with the moon phases
  • creating inspired action steps

Manifesting Workshops + Retreats!

You can find me at BambooMoves Englewood Yoga Studio, leading seasonal cleanses and workshops! 

My workshops typically tie into manifesting with moon and using the energy of the spring/fall equinox and the winter/summer solstice.

Visit my retreats page for my very first retreat, this September 2020!

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